Guilt-Free Pleasures for 2021’s New You

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“I’m going to be fit this year”, you said on the first day of the new year. Well, it’s midway through January and we hope you’re still sticking to those fitness goals! No kidding, we really do hope you are. And to prove that, we’re here to help you out!

Transforming your entire diet into salads and hitting the gym three or more times a week can be really intimidating to do at one go. So, we recommend rewarding yourself along the way!

And what better way to do that than a little…dark chocolate?

HEAR US OUT, these cacao-packed bars actually do have health benefits! Here’s some:

#1 It’s actually nutritious.
According to Healthline, a 100g bar of dark chocolate with 70-85% of cocoa contains a decent amount of fiber and plenty of minerals your body needs.

We won’t bore you with the numbers but you can check it out here if you’d like.

#2 Antioxidants!
Usually you’d hear about antioxidants in fruits, or as a $1 top-up that the cashier offers you when you’re buying a smoothie. But guess what? It’s in dark chocolate too!

Dark chocolate contains a relatively high number of organic compounds that function as antioxidants.

Guilt-free snack? Dark chocolates sound like one.

#3 Caffeine
Cocoa contains stimulant substances like caffeine. So, if coffee is too much for you, maybe grab a bar of dark chocolate for a morning perk up!

Craving a little dark chocolate now? We got you! Come by our stores for a wide selection we’ve curated for you, and as a bonus for our readers, here’s a discount code you can use exclusively at our 313 Somerset store! Simply show our staff this code (NYNY10) and get 10% off a minimum purchase of $10.

We’ll leave you with some pictures of our dark chocolate to drool over for now. Till next time and see you in our stores!

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