6 DIY Chocolate Gift Ideas

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Trouble finding what present to give as a gift? Worry no more! We are here to the rescue! 

Whether is it for Birthday, Teacher’s day, Valentine’s Day, Anniversary or any other day, the gift ideas we have here will definitely work! 

Ready? Here we go! 

Explosion Box 

Credit: Youtube- mishellka

Best for: Anyone! It’s a surprise, and no one will ever dislike cute surprises! 

Follow it step by step, but you have to choose the colour theme and small mini chocolate bars first! 

Hand held Bouquet 

Credit: Youtube- Kateryna Bay

Best for: Female receiver. Who doesn’t want to receive a bouquet full of chocolates!

Do remember to choose the favourite colour of the receiver for the wrapper and get the correct chocolates! *FYI: Girls care about what you remember and know, one of it is what chocolate she likes!

Table Base Bouquet (Basket/Cup/Paper bag/Box)

Credit: Youtube- ThriftyFun

Best for: Anyone! This is the best one for all occasions. A easy to make small handy gift! You can use anything as the base, Box, paper bag, cup or basket.


Credit: Youtube- Chiến Đàm

Best for: Birthdays! Choose your items wisely! You can use cookie tin or cake box as base! It can be square shape too!

Word Board  

Credit: Youtube- Emma Sue

Best for: Guys. Sweet words to them with chocolate will double sweeten the gift! Buy your chocolates and candy before writing your message to prevent a missing item!

Emergency kit (For fun!)

Credit: Youtube- Crafty Morning

Best for: Teachers and Mothers. Maybe Dads too. Whether it is use to boost their sugar level or to stop kids from crying, well, it works one way or another!

Come down to our wide selection stores to purchase chocolate bars, candies, wafer or anything you need for the gift! 

We hope the receiver of the gift you DIY-ed love your present! 

Happy DIY-ING! 🙂

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