10 Affordable & fulfilling snacks to munch in office

Posted on June 4th, 2020 Tags :

Finally, Circuit breaker has come to an end!

While the same routine is gradually coming back, we came out with a fulfilling snack guide! 

Whether you are out there working right now or going back to work in phase 2, our individually wrapped product list down here will pre-pare you 24/7! 

Here we go with 6 chocolate product, following the next 4 with wafer product. As they are all big individually wrapped sharing packs, you don’t have to worry about not having enough! 

1) Alessio cioccolato 300g ($6.80 each, 2 for $10)

2) Chelsea 1kg ($19.80 each) 

3) Rittersport cube Chocolate/Yoghurt 176g ($5.80 each)

4) Relay 300g ($7.80 each, 2 for $13)

5) Daim 200g ($5.80 each) 

6) Smarties mini 158g ($5.20 each, 3 for $13)

7) Hanuta mini 200g ($6.80 each, 2 for $10) 

8) Kit kat 200g ($5.20 each, 3 for $13) 

9) Tunnocks box 576g ($11.80 each, 2 for $20), Small pack 96g ($2 each) 

10) Tirma (View from image below) 

For your well being, do head down to our stores knowing what you want to get! 

We are all waiting for better days to come, do continue to stay safe and well everyone! 🙂 

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